Project Roadmap

Last updated: 5 June, 2008

The system is now complete. Some minor tweaks and new reports will be done over the next few weeks, but no further major developments are planned.

The following is a copy of the roadmap the system followed up until release.

  1. Application Framework (Aug 07).
  2. Project List Creation & Administration (Sept 07).
  3. Project Authoring & Approval (Sept 07).
  4. Student View (Oct 07).
  5. Allocation Process (Oct 07).
  6. Testing Release (Oct 07).
  7. Final Release (Nov 07).
  8. Maintenance & Support (Nov 07 onwards).
  9. Admin Functions (Dec 07).

Current Status

ProjectList is now complete and is available to any department, though departments need to request registration first.

Check current usage.