Project Log

Last updated: 19 September, 2018

19 September, 2018.

Changed cloning process to set all projects to 'draft' status, rather than preserving those in 'final' status.

26 October, 2015.

Improved consistency of sorting projects on Administer Projects page.

2 June, 2015.

Added a link on the student's home page to the staff responsible for running each project list.

5 February, 2015.

Added a new report giving a matrix of student shortlist choices, to make importing into automatic best-fit algorithms easier.

26 April, 2013.

Added ability to rename the "supervisor type" labels, so they better match departmental requirements (e.g. Secondary Supervisor vs Second Reader vs Moderator ..).

Trialling experimental report showing the supervisors' Co-Tutor engagement status for each student/project.

17 April, 2013.

Improved clarity of error message when viewing projects for a supervisor who has met their student limit.

9 April, 2013.

Added student programme information to student full info report.

3 January, 2013.

Added new mail-merge tags to email compsoer for allocated project supervisor and second reader.

2 January, 2013.

Added option for student allocation emails to omit the project title (only tell students their supervisors).

Added principal supervisor information to manual allocation pages (shown next to project title).

21 November, 2012.

Added a new report to allow the import into Co-Tutor of only the principal supervisor allocations (for Personal Tutor allocations).

10 September, 2012.

Updated some of the info pages, and added more information where required.

6 October, 2011.

Added a new report to collate academic supervisory loadings for an entire department, regardless of the number of individual project lists in use.

14 September, 2011.

Added an email digest option, so users sending emails to other ProjectList staff or students can receive a copy of the email, and a recipients list, as a confirmation.

23 February, 2011.

Added a detailed ProjectList overview to the info pages, to help newcomers evaluate the system for their own schools/departments.

21 October, 2009.

Improved the supervisor loading reports to count students rather than projects.

6 April, 2009.

Added tick all buttons to various pages that require multiple checkbox entry.

25 February, 2009.

Improved the manual allocation pages by indicating clearly what projects/students have already been allocated.

Fixed a display bug on the current allocations pages, where multiple students for a project would mess up the table.

18 February, 2009.

Added option to hide allocations from academics, as well as students, until the release date.

Improved the allocation process by showing project code along side the project names.

20 January, 2009.

On the home page, old lists appear greyed out but still accessible.

Added a warning when accessing an old list.

14 January, 2009.

Flipped the ordering on the list of lists when a user logs in (latest academic year first).

28 November, 2008.

Added the option to download an RTF detailing project details (available on view project page).

25 November, 2008.

Fixed a bug with emailing principal and secondary supervisors.

Added a new emailing option for both primary and secondary supervisors on allocated projects.

12 November, 2008.

Added more information to the Mech Eng custom report: Workshop Load.

11 November, 2008.

Improved the cloning of projects from previous years, and you can now see which projects had been allocated when cloning.

Added the back-end functionality required for departmental reports tailored to specific needs, and created the first custom report for Mech Eng.

10 October, 2008.

Add a new column, and clarified what the other columns mean, on the report: projects for 'project group/programmes'.

8 October, 2008.

Fixed a bug where the project list's instructions are not displayed on the student's search projects page.

Fixed a bug where deleted projects that have been allocated to students did not show up on the allocation report (and others).

7 October, 2008.

Fixed a bug when emailing student allocations which meant students received information on several projects instead of just their own.

2 October, 2008.

Fixed a small bug and improved the UI feedback when students shortlist projects.

Altered the login system to be more forgiving of problems with the CIS data.

26 September, 2008.

Fixed a bug when approving projects, where draft projects would be incorrectly promoted to final status.

22 September, 2008.

Fixed a bug when previewing projects, where students could get supervisor information from the listings.

08 September, 2008.

Changed the wording on a couple of reports to make their intention clearer.

Altered the Author output report to only count projects that are finalised or approved.

11 July, 2008.

Added a new report: project shortlists.

Improved the printing of all reports and list pages in the system.

9 July, 2008.

Fixed a list selection bug when cloning a project list.

25 June, 2008.

Added an option to download a list of students with access to the project list.

6 June, 2008.

Fixed a bug where removing a supervisor from a project wouldn't save properly.

Fixed a bug where a project could be set to draft status, despite being allocated to a student.

Fixed a couple of spelling mistakes.

4 June, 2008.

Fixed some display bugs in the reporting section.

2 June, 2008.

Fixed a bug with the student shortlist report, where a shortlisted project had been deleted.

Fixed a bug where a student removed after shortlisting wouldn't have their shortlist entries removed.

Added a new report: student shortlist summary.

15 May, 2008.

Added a new report: student allocations (full info).

Fixed a date display bug when downloading reports as CSV files.

02 May, 2008.

Stopped displaying project codes on Student Preview pages.

Highlighted a bug where students can shortlist projects even in preview mode (will be fixed this summer).

Added a 'remove from shortlist' option for students.

28 April, 2008.

Fixed a display bug when viewing "My Allocations".

Fixed an error when trying to allocate shortlisted projects when none have been shortlisted yet.

11 April, 2008.

Beautified the page style when printing.

Clarified the page text when editing project groups, and put in extra warnings when groups are needed but not defined.

06 February, 2008.

The final changes and additions are done. The ProjectList system is now live!

06 November, 2007.

Elec Eng (REST) and Mech Eng commit to using the new ProjectList system for their MSc allocations this year!

18 October, 2007.

First release to academics involved in the project developments.

Project list management, project authoring, and student selection elements all completed.

15 August, 2007.

The project information pages are now available online.

20 July, 2007.

All stakeholders contacted, and requests for features sent out.

Detailed planning and modelling starts.

The ProjectList website is online, but with access limited to those involved in the development.

17 July, 2007.

The project begins!

Current Status

ProjectList is now complete and is available to any department, though departments need to request registration first.

Check current usage.